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The Institute For Elementary Particle Physics


photo_researchThe phenomenology research program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison began in the mid-1960’s as a collaboration of theoretical and experimental faculty. The Institute was created by the University in 1984 with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, with Vernon Barger and Francis Halzen as directors.

The group’s mission is to promote research at the interface of theory and experiment in particle physics, with emphasis on the interpretation of experimental data, the design of new experiments, and the construction and testing of theoretical models.

The program is internationally recognized for this research and for its leadership in the training of postdocs and graduate students in particle physics phenomenology. Institute faculty have trained more than 110 graduate students and 70 postdocs in phenomenology since 1967. More than 50% of the graduate students and 75% of the postdocs now hold academic or laboratory positions in physics.

Affiliated UW-Madison research groups:
HEP  String Theory  Theoretical Cosmology   Nuclear Theory